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Estate Debt


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Got back from lawyer today trying to settle my mother's account.  I handled the house repairs and renovations and my brother was to handle the finances (we are both PRs to the estate)...I'm taking that over now :-)  We have two debts that are holding up settling the estate and I would like it just done but hate paying the debt collectors more than I should/can/have to.


The first is Ascension Point Recovery Services for < 5k.  I have to say their letter is pleasant and respectful and almost makes me want to pay them!   :ROFLMAO2: .  They clearly state the creditor being Citbank N.A.  I know my mother had this credit card and the debt is most likely valid (probably more fees were added and maximum interest rate I assume).


The next is AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC and seem to have collected the debt from MBNA Bank or BoA...I have no details on this debt.  This was apparently sent out six months ago but I never saw a copy as it was only sent to the lawyer and my brother (they missed me!).  Their claim against Decedent's Estate does not even list me just my brother.  It only states the amount and no real data.  The amount is ~$10-15k.


I will be under pressure on getting this done by my siblings as they want it settled.  I know I could pay in full but I do not particularly like that idea especially for AIS who I know NOTHING about this debt.  


Should I call and feel them out and follow it up with either them or me getting an agreement drawn and signed and then pay (if debt paid in full only)?

Does anyone have any experience recently with AIS? with Ascension?


I was going to talk to them and state that there is only so much money to go around in the estate and any hope of more would wait till court in ~6 months.  At that point, they may or may not get something.  I can hit them with the form letter (one of the flavors here) if that is the best choice.


Any advise?  My meeting with the lawyer left me with a headache  ::drowning::



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Trying to get the ball rolling and to feel out the creditors.  The one < 5k they would settle for about $500 down.  They state then they need to see inventory and etc.  Ascension Point was very polite I may add.


The next is FIA Services (AIS Recovery) who said they would settle for no less than 90% before requiring to see the inventory and etc.  They were also very polite and respectful.  


Any thoughts?



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In both cases, its sounds like you're dealing with junk debt buyers...who paid pennies on the dollar for the right to hassle your mother's estate.  If they are JDBs, in my opinion, neither has a legitimate claim to any money.


If you're inclined to pay anyone, call the original creditors...explain that you're dealing with your mother's debts and you'd like to pay them in full.

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