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Mortgage and Chapter 7


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Hi, My husband and I are filing Chapter 7 and have already met with a BK attorney and did our pre paperwork. We meet with next week to go over things and sign I believe.  My understanding at the initial meeting was that we will not lose our home because if would fall under the federal exemptions.  We have about 37,000 in equity. The lawyer told us to just keeping making our mortgage payments and car payment like normal.


We are not behind in those things. The reason we are filing is my husband lost his job and he made a significant amount more than me and we cant pay for our debt anymore. We can live on a skeleton budget till his industry turns around in this area again.


Our lawyer mention that there isn't a "reaffirmation" anymore.  Just wondering if there is anything we have to do with our mortgage company or when we actual file, does the mortgage company get notified and do they do anything? If we are making our payments and not behind in anything, is it just proceed as normal?


Just wondering if anyone else had similar experience.

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