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Pushed to Chap 13 today update of earlier post.


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I posted a question about a collection letter today.  It concerned a debt through CITIBANK for Home Depot for $3725.  The firm I received the letter from was Suttell, Hammer and White out of Bellevue, WA.  Researching and reading some of the horror stories about their tactics has modivated me into action. 


Today I contacted the bankruptcy lawyer I talked with back in 2012.  I am taking all my paperwork and information to her on Monday 20 and will be filing for Chapter 13 BK.  I couldn't meet the qualifications to file for a full bath Chap 7 because of my income.  I qualified back in Dec 2012 for chap 7 but have since made many adjustments to my financials.  I currently owe just over $20,000 in total debt including secured and unsecured.  The unsecured portion represents $14,600 of the total.  Of that I have included unsecured debt to Chase of $1400 that was cancelled in 2014 and a 1099C (G) was issued, I'm not sure how that will play out but the lawyer wanted me to bring the information.   $3,600 will not be eligible for repayment through the court because it was the balance owed from a $6,600 overpayment from the Social Security Administration and I have an ironclad agreement that they automatically take $100 a month from my SS.


I have very few assets to list except a few misc electronics and tools worth less than $2,000.  I will also list  a 1997 Honda Passport valued under $2,000.  I have divested myself of all my other worldly goods before the end of 2013.  I have no savings or life insurance.   My credit will take the normal hits and my FICO will suffer but I will be protected from harrassment, judgments and BS garnishments when it gets filed.


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