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BK reporting


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Filed bk in March 2014 and got dismissed in January 2015. Will creditors in the future look at the date of filing or when case was dismissed? Does the credit bureaus look at open or dismissed date?

Just wondering if I should try and clean up bk report based on the given timelines?

Thanks for your time and patience with me.

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"Dismissed" means that, for whatever reason, the BK trustee DID NOT approve your petition for BK.  Therefore, all your TLs should revert back to whatever they were showing PRIOR to your filing, or at least continue to show late, etc.


"Discharged" means the trustee DID approve your petition and your TLs should all show IIB (Included in Bankruptcy).

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Guest Invalid123

I wanted to jump on this topic so i can get a question answered. I need some advice on how to combat the Chapter 7 dismissed case still showing on my CR. My public record shows 07/15/2013 chapter7 discharged. I have been disputing the records but keep coming up verified due to US BankruptcyCourt. Since they are not using the trails(accounts that were Included in Bankruptcy) and only verifying through the courthouse, can I go after them because local courthouse does not furnish that information. I did however got one public record removed from Transunion which i don't remember what i disputed it for but I let you know finding Credit Cards, Auto Loan lenders, etc that only use Transunion seems to be a nightmare. At least i got a Barclay card with $1,300 limit finding they only go through Transunion.  So I wanted some advice in the removal of the last public records and if you know any lenders that only pull from Transunion? Thank you for your knowledge and expertise.

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