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New Payday Loan Scam?


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Today I received a call from someone threatening to serve me at my residence (lock up large dogs and put away weapons) or my place of employment, with a number to call with a claim number. I first goofed the number that called me which happens to be near the county jail. I then called the number provided to me in the message, First Source Private Investigators is the supposed company name. After sitting on hold for 4 minutes, someone looked up my claim number. He told me that they had subpoenaed my bank records because of a bad payday loan and found that I had several loans that were defaulted on and then my account was closed and that fraud is suspected. I explained that my account had been closed because I was a victim of ID theft during the time he claimed I had all these loans and then asked how he was able to subpoena my bank records. Long story short he said he can subpoena any records to a pertinent court case. I told him I had no court case and he said I do and a judgement had been entered against me already and a bodily attachment warrant was issued for my arrest. Now, with my previous theft experience I am very aware of fake payday loan collection scams. However, I did default on one loan years ago, and am concerned that these people keep catching up with me and have my information. My concern is that I've not seen this two part scam before and have never been told about this bodily attachment warrant. Does anyone have experience with a similar situation or with this First Source PI? Nothing shows for the number in a Google search. I'm trying to fix my credit so don't want any issues, I'm also llooking for a job and don't know if any consumer reporting can be affected by these scams. Thanks!

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I told him I had no court case and he said I do and a judgement had been entered against me already and a bodily attachment warrant was issued for my arrest.


Threatening someone with arrest is a FDCPA violation. 


Nobody can be arrested for a delinquent debt, unless the person ignores a summons for a debtor's examination, which should (depending on your state) be served to you in person.


Most likely this is a scam, and you could probably ignore the phone call.


That said, have you ordered your latest credit report?  If not, you can get your free annual credit report for all three credit reporting agencies from this website:




From the credit report, you will know for sure if there are any negative tradelines against you.


If there any negative tradelines (due to identity theft), then you should start working on deleting them from your credit profiles, based on your identity theft claim.

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It is very important you order your free annual credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs), as I mentioned above.


If there is no mention of a judgement debt or a delinquent account related to this alleged "payday loan" on any of the credit reports, then most likely the whole thing is a hoax.


It seems these pay day loan scams are a serious problem.  Here are some worthwhile articles to read:





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Thanks!  I did order my credit report and no such thing is reported.  I received a call today from the same area code, saying it was a different company, LSA.  However, I recognized the voice of the individual as the one I spoke with last week who was supposedly a PI for First Source.  I assume this is an individual trying to scare people into sending him money.  The First Source call did make me question my thinking, but that's because there were two people involved, the supposed "process server" and then the "private investigator".  Where do they even find these people to run these scams?  Next time they call, I think I'll tell them to get a real job and they should look for a summons from MY attorney.

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