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Filed Chapter 7 on Thursday..Anything Else Need To Be Done?

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Long story:

I got very sick after the birth of my son 9.5 years ago and had to stop working; and accumulated a lot of medical debt. Most of it didn't bother me because the collection practices most hospitals use is non-aggressive and I would pay as I could. Then two years ago, a veterinarian went against my wishes to pull my cat off IV fluids during a treatment (cats are very sensitive to hydration) and their over-hydration of the cat pushed him into heart failure. We ended up having to euthanise the cat to prevent suffering. He went from healthy to dead in 12 hours under their care. I called the director of the animal hospital a week later when the bill arrived and laid out our story. He agreed to cancel the bill.  


Fast forward to October of last year: I got my first part-time job in 9 years and about a week later I got a notice in the mail saying I was being sued by Pressler and Pressler over the debt from the vet. Phone calls to the vet resulted in "we don't have a record of authorization to cancel your bill" and "your bill shows zero; it was probably sold."  Answered P&P's lawsuit, went in front of the judge and lost simply because I admitted to taking my cat to that vet. If you don't already know, civil court judges here in NJ are not interested in protecting your rights. Not the first time I've heard of people having problems with this particular judge. 


Anyway, we got the notice of judgment in January. Then another notice from P&P the next month saying the awarded amount was actually higher than it was. Hm. Then they sent me a notecard asking me to respond by a certain date. Surprise: it wasn't even postmarked until after that date, so they went ahead and issued a writ against my property. Fortunately, the only thing I have is my 2004 PT Cruiser. Unfortunately, I kind of need to keep it. 


So Thursday I filed bankruptcy papers on my own. I have no assets, no bank accounts, no businesses, and we are very low income (around 2000 per month intake from my husband who is not filing).  The person I filed my papers with suggested I fax a copy of the two pages they gave me back with the BK court stamp on it and a little note saying I'm under bankruptcy protection so the sheriff can't come take my car. 


Is there anything else I need to do here? I've heard of nightmare stories about P&P still coming after people, but since I faxed it directly to the court officer and I have no bank accounts to levy, I think I might be OK. 


Do I need to file anything with the state? I did not use an attorney, I used a software to prepare my documents since my case is pretty straightforward and the thought of even gathering money to pay an attorney is laughable. Thus, I'm kind of dealing with things as they go. 


Any other advice would be appreciated!

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Yes, I did the counseling and handed in the certificate when I filed.  I checked PACER this morning and the only thing they say is missing is one form I have to sign, so I will file that tomorrow. My 341 hearing is already in place for May 28. 


The only creditor I'm worried about objecting is P&P. Is it possible they could still get me to pay? As far as I know it is a dischargeable debt. That's the only one I'm worried about since its the one that got me to the point of having to file in the first place. 


I can't afford an attorney. Honestly, there is zero money in my possession.  My ex does legal writing and works with an attorney (who does not do BK) so he's somewhat familiar with how the courts work. So far, everything seems fine. 

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