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Disputed inquiries on my credit report, sent letters CMRRR, 30+ days, no response

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About two months ago, I noticed a few inquiries on my credit report that I did not recall authorizing, so I disputed each one with the companies listed on my credit report, CMRRR. Over 30 days has passed since each company has received my dispute letter; of the six or so companies that have received the letters, only two have responded.


I thought that they were required to respond within 30 days after receipt of the letter or they could be sued. An attorney I spoke with stated that I had to dispute through the credit bureus first, but that doesn't do anything because they just check eOscar or whatever and confirm it without proving that anything actually transpired. I wanted actual proof that I authorized these inquiries aside from the companies simply stating "Oh, you did." Do I have any right to sue at this point? What should my next step be? Thank you :)

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I don't think there is anything specific about demanding a company validate an inquiry within any amount of time.   In a court, I believe they would only have to prove that someone logged on to one of their websites and entered the SSN into the application through a SSL protected website.  (If that is how their name came to show up under inquiries).


I have always don what the lawyer is suggesting.  I dispute them with the CRA and usually they're deleted.  

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It is 30 days for them to respond to your DV IF THEY SENT YOU a dunning letter, their initial contact. They don't have to respond at all if you send them a dispute because it is on your credit report. You dispute the entry with the credit reporting agencies. Also, you don't authorize entries on your report, if that were the case, we would all have credit scores of 800. You really have nothing to say about it, unless you do it through disputes, and even then if you do owe a debt, stubborn companies will just verify them with the CRA'S. Try the 621 method posted on this site.

Now if the reporting companies are the Junk debt companies that buy charged off debt, they like to sit on them for as long as possible. They wait and let the account collect interest, then about a year or less before the statues of limitations expire, they file suit against you. Sometimes you can get lucky and they have so many accounts, they over look one or two. Or if you have ever sued a JDB before for FDCPA violations, you get put on a special website for JDB s that warn them you are a litigator, and they then go after lower hanging fruit. Usually. Or you could get a cockey JDB that thinks he will be the one to collect.

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