Need advice defending my case against JDB

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Congrats on your win. My situation is very similar to yours in terms of not receiving a CCP 98 from the plaintiff and the specific items they intend to use during trial. All the way down to "Person Most Knowledgeable" for witnesses. My trial is in 7 days and I am struggling to write my trial brief and objections. Do you have a copy you can share of your trial brief? Also, I noticed that you posted a copy of your MIL in this thread. I thought MIL is only used  if you received CCP 98 from the plaintiff? Did you ever find out the deadline for submitting an MIL to court?


I sure hope you see this soon. 

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Hi CaliMOO,

I sent you my copy of the MIL which is due at least 3 days before trial date in California. You should have been able to write a trial brief based on it if your case is like mine. You can still send a MIL even if you didn't receive a CCP 98 from the plaintiff to let the judge know what you will be contesting.

Although I am responding to this thread late, you should have received my MIL when you first requested it it via email.


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