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Utility Collection Issue


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I've done quite a bit of online research to try to find an answer to my question/problem and my situtation appears to be pretty unique from what I've seen.


I moved into an apartment complex back in May of 2012 (end of). At the time they had a Utility company called Minol for their water/sewer/garbage utility bills. Immediately after I moved in (a month later) I recieved the first bill and began the usual payments. Near the end of Dec, the apartment complex changed utlity companies to NWP. I noticed on the first two bills from NWP that the "billing dates" were identical to the last two I had with Minol, with different dollar amounts listed. That did raise an alarm and I tried to address it with the apartment complex (SunSet View (Renton WA)). They said not to worry about it because it'll be taken care of in "their books" when I move out.


Fast forward two and a half years later and I'm moving out. There were many issues as to why but they don't matter. I get a bill from NWP for Nov for 80.37$ and I make my payment as usual. Another two months go by after I move out and I get piece of mail from Financial Asstiance Inc in Bellevue ask for a payment of $214.59. I called them to get clarification and they said it was for the two months of utlities that I wasn't billed for when I first moved into the complex. I collected all the bills from the previous two and a half years of utility payments and forwarded them on to the collection agency with highlights of my bank statements showing the payments and the double payments to the different utility company.


They are now threatening to put this debt on my credit report if I don't pay immediately even when the amount is not owed.


Is there anything else I should be doing?


I do have a complaint with the BBB against the complex.

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I would send a refusal to pay the debt at this point. No sense talking to these people. You already proved you do not owe the debt.

Once you do that, expect that they will put it on your credit report. At that point, you dispute it with the CRA sending copies of all payments made and claiming that they are double dipping. The CRA will probably not remove the debt at which point you sue the CRA and debt collector in court where you will be able to prove you do not owe the debt.

Also, send a complaint to the CFPB. Odds are, they will not do anything but then again, they have been known to be helping out as of late because they want to be seen as something with muscle.

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You might also file a complaint with this WA agency that regulates utilities






You could also file a complaint with this WA agency that regulates debt collectors.



WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Consumer rights ...

If you feel your rights have been violated, file a complaint with us. If we find thecollection agency has violated the Washington State Collection Agency Act, we can take disciplinar



How much these agencies can or will do on your behalf, I don't know, but it won't cost anything to try, and maybe they can help.


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