TransUnion repetitive loop hole

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I have been escalating a derogatory on my credit report which was placed by mistake. I was leasing an apt complex from sept 2013 until sept 2014 for a complex named Century Park Row. On April 2014, a derogatory remark was placed on my credit file for another complex called Marquis on Park Row and the amount they are claiming is another amount from my normal rent. My rent was $1,150 and the amount they are requesting is $670.

I wrote a letter to the collection agency requesting validation, and they fail to respond back. I have escalated to TransUnion three times which lead to a repetitive auto response which they state they need to do an investigation and then just response with an automatic response. I have opened a case with CFPB and submitted a copy of my lease at that time showing that on April 2014 I was in a current lease at another location as well as my coomunicaton with TransUnion and they responded that they will not investigate unless I can provide new information such as court papers or a recent authentic letter from the creditor that explains that the information should be updated. I could dispute it with CFPB.

What else can I do to correct this? Should I open a case with FTC?

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Guest Invalid123

Due to the no response earlier for the validation i would open up a case with the FTC against the FCRA in regards to not giving you a response in the right amount of time. First i would write a letter to the CRA stating if they don't remove it due no response for validation that your threathen to file a case with the FTC if they do not remove. Then if you don't get a satisfactory response i would then open the case with the FTC. 

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