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In serious need of some help!

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I received summons yesterday and I been looking at this site all day yesterday, but I am still lost on how to start. I am still in college until next fall and I never received anything like this.

I don't know anything about this account and I have not received any contact from this Midland company until I was served with this paperwork. Bellow is a link to the papers.


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Answering the summons is a must but not difficult in GA as they do not have formal requirements on the answer.  I would wait until the day before it is due to buy some time because once you answer they will set a trial date within 30 days.  Simply deny their allegations (many Magistrate Courts have pre-printed forms you can answer with) and submit it to the clerk and get a stamped copy back.


Go to www.naca.net and get a free consult with a consumer attorney in Atlanta.  If the social is wrong they may have sued the wrong person which would be a FDCPA violation.  The attorney would take your case for free and Midland will be paying you if that is the case.

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