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PFD for Midland MCM account


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The last negative collection account/tradeline I have on all three reports is an MCM account for around $600.  The account is an old cellphone account (DOFD 11/09) that I co-signed on for an ex, and the account has been disputed as they made unauthorized changes to the plan which resulted in egregious overages.  He abandoned the account after their refusal to remove the overage charges, and they also charged fees for early termination.


I already tried to dispute through bureaus, but MCM verified, so it's supposed to be reported as disputed now.  Not that it matters.


By my calculation this account should be falling off my report end of 2016.  I'd like to get it off sooner as I'm trying to buy a house by end of summer, but I'm not willing to pay more than $150 for it.  MCM acknowledges on their settlement offers for $250 that they can't sue me, but they can keep reporting.  The notice also says "If you pay your full balance, we will report your account as Paid In Full.  If you pay less than your full balance, we will report your account as Paid in Full for less than the full balance."


I know MCM is a hot topic around these boards, so just wondering if MCM is known for accepting PFDs, and if in anyone's experience they would like accept a settlement of 25%?  As far as I'm concerned, they have nothing on me and that TL isn't killing me...I'd be perfectly fine just riding it out with them not getting a dime out of me.  But it would be worth it to me to settle with a PFD for $150 and just get it off early.  Would I be wasting my time asking for that?


Thanks for your input!

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