Debt was with CA now with OC, how do I negotiate settlement?

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   I graduated with my MS in September of 2013, received my degree confirmation and thought all was well. December of 2013 I received an email from my former university saying I had an outstanding balance for a fall quarter class that started in October (remember, I graduated in September??) I contacted the school and after speaking with several representatives I was informed that I had been on auto-registration while in my program and somehow the system did not pick up that I graduated and registered me for another course. At that time I was told to contact the business office to discuss an arrangement. which I did. I offered to pay $1000 and set up payment arrangements for the remaining balance with a condition that my transcripts would be released...the said no, only payment in full. My degree requires a license which requires original transcripts...I am okay now but cannot advance or work to my full potential (and pay rate) until this is settled. I won't go into detail but as I am sure many can relate to life happens and I have struggled coming up with the full amount...

 Fast forward April 2015...ERS is the CA and I got a letter saying they could settle...called them, they said they could only take one person a lower person a lower amount but would not go any lower than 2100. I told them I would have it before the end of May and would need a written statement regarding the settlement and asked for it to be deleted from my account. I was not surprised that I never received a statement....when I called back to discuss getting everything in writing and making my payment I was informed that my school (OC) recalled the debt 2 days before. Called OC she refused to go as low as the CA on the settlement...I did not have any more to give but told her I will be in touch and also asked for the same terms of deleted from my report...she said I have to speak with CA, ERS, about that, which confused me because the OC has the debt now.

 My questions are what is the best way to settle this with the OC...I have what I have to pay, and am seriously considering bk 7 if I cannot settle this debt and repair some of my other credit problems. I felt bamboozled when she said I needed to ask the CA, ERS, for deletion...and why does my CR still show ERS as having the debt but they don't have it anymore?

 Any help I can get from someone would be wonderful!! I am a single mom of two and struggled with my kiddos through grad school and really want a tiny bit of financial stability!!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this...sorry it is so wordy!!

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If you graduated in sept., and didn't take classes after that, do they have a signed contract with you? You should consider hiring a NACA lawyer, they may be able to find some consumer violations against them. I wouldn't even consider paying or settling if I never took the classes, or signed up.

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Oh many NACA lawyers take cases on contingency, especially if they have any consumer violations such as trying to collect on a debt they are not entilited to,. At any rate most consults initially are free

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The OPs story does not make sense to me. It sounds as if the school made a mistake in auto-renewing and, once learning about the mistake, would obviously remove the charges. But then later in the post it was said "life happens and I have struggled coming up with the full amount..."


Why would anyone pay any amount to any institution is it is not valid charges. My God, it's hard enough paying for tuition for classes in a degree program, I would never pay for classes I did not take. Seems this could be easily sorted out with the school and if not, then report to consumer bureaus.


Something doesn't add up here, so it's hard to give an opinion, and so I stick with @shellie98 's opinion UFN!

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