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BB 30 day late payment help. Should i attempt direct contact?


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I am currently using Lexington law to remove some collections, they are doing a great job, we are attempting to get a mortgage soon so our credit has to be good.


Unfortunately my wife decided to not (forgot) pay our best buy bill on time, couldn't be a worse time.


Its now listed on our reports as 30 days late.



Long story short, we have never had a late payment with best buy after like 8 years with them..



Does anyone think that contacting Citibank or whoever does my credit through best buy, and explaining why, or that we are trying to purchase a house, would do anything????


Like simply asking the creditor to remove this, this one time, after 8 years without a late payment? Explaining that we are trying to purchase a house?



Anyone have any suggestions on this???

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