Will chase bank resume credit card lawsuits?

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I was just wondering as I have a small debt with them that's about $530. I heard that Chase got into some big legal troubles with California over how they were handling credit card lawsuits. Apparently as a result Chase dropped all lawsuits and stop filing new ones back in 2013. Also it looks like they stopped selling to JDB's around that time as well. The last I heard of my debt was last year in the summer when Chased changed debt collecting agencies yet again. The new collection agency had started sending me collection notices and then all of a sudden they stopped. I haven't heard anything since then. So anyone think that Chase will eventually resume their credit card collection activities including lawsuits?

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Who knows. I will say this, the paperwork on the old stuff is probably so bad that they cannot sue on it, even if they wanted to so you might be safe there. Also, $530 is such a low amount that any amount of fight would not be worth it to them.

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