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DC levied my acct. for EX wife's judgement

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Just received in the mail from my bank my acct. is being levied. Up front, it is a joint acct. the ex and I opened years ago. We've been divorced 4 years. I only left the acct. open so my daughter could use the debit card for it. 


In the envelope are all the court papers. I called my bank, explained to them. They said I had to call the court officer and ask for a release. I did, and they said I have to call the debt attorney and ask them to send them a release. I did, and they gave me limited info, because the debt is not mine, but told me I have to call the bank and have them send over statements going back 90 days from the levy. 360 degrees.


Problem is, there has been no money withdrawn yet. 


Where do I go from here?


PS, can my ex sue the bank for sending me all this personal and confidential info.



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Odds are, the money is gone because the account is a joint account. As long as your ex-wife's name is on the account, they can take the money. If the debtor attorney is willing to work with you, that is great but they do not have to.

The reason there has been no withdrawals yet is that they fund are held in suspense to give the creditor time to prove they are exempt funds. What you can do is look up the court case under your wife's name as that is public information and see what is going on. You might also be able to file a motion to get the funds released by the court because they are not your ex's funds but I doubt it.

Because it is a joint account, the bank can release information if either account owner requests that they do so. You can act on the account as much as your ex.

Finally, I hope you learned your lesson. Once you got the divorce, you should have closed all joint accounts. If you wanted to give money to your daughter, you should open an account in your name only and give the daughter that debit card. This way, you can avoid stuff like this happening. I would suggest that once you get this straightened out, however it goes, you close that account immediately. No good can come from any continued use of that account.

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