Removing a Judgment from CRA (Judgment is not mine)

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First post for me in a long while.  I was a member here many years ago.  I have a pretty good handle on most credit repair topics, but have run into one that I haven't experienced before.


I have a judgment showing up on my reports with Equifax and TransUnion.  it is not my judgment.  My landlord was sued for foreclosure due to non-payment of her condo fees.  In these instances, the association also has to sue anyone that has an interest in the property, which includes the tenants.  The reason being is that if they foreclose, they extinguish everyone's right to own or occupy the property.  That is common practice.  I am an attorney and fully understand the law on that front.


I filed a motion to dismiss.  My landlord defaulted.  At the final hearing, I was dismissed from the case and judgment was rendered against my landlord.  By Court order, I paid rent directly to the association for the remainder of my lease.


The Court documents and the docket correctly depict what happened.  Somehow EQ and TU picked it up as being against me and not my landlord.  I have disputed with both and gotten no satisfaction. I provided them with all the relevant court documents.


I don't really want to start with threatening letters.  I am confident that if I can get to customer service manager on the phone, it can be handled pretty quickly.


Any advice?

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 I fully agree with you on the threatening point. Too many people abuse it to the point of them being considered in the crackpot group. Send a MOV to the Credit Bureaus with the court Docs first. This also will pave the way for possible future litigation if it does come down to it.

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UPDATE - I did pull the lawyer card, but in a different way. I looked up one of the assistant general counsels for Equifax on LinkedIn and figured out her email. I sent her a very pleasant ail asking her to point me in the right direction as I didn't want this false report to cause problems with my bar application in another state. (Which is the truth)

Two days later I was contacted by the VP of Executive Consumer Services who told me she was removing it immediately. As of today, it's gone.

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