Different info from OC and CA on every credit report

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Hey Guys,


I'm just starting to try to tackle OC issues on my credit report and I've found that one of them is reporting a different DOFD to each of the three reporting agencies. The same is true for the CA that it looks like bought it. Can I just send a letter to the three reporting agencies with copies of the three different entries and they will delete the tradelines? Or do I have to send everything to the OC and CA themselves and hope they'll do the right thing? Either way I think this violates TFC and FDCPA.

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Both entities can claim bonafide error in the reporting and are only required to fix it to the correct information.  The bureaus will not automatically delete.  They will send your disputes to the creditor reporting.  If they do not correct the information then you can start with a complaint to the CFPB.


The dates of collection agencies may be the date they acquired the account NOT the DOFD which many consumers often misread.  Double check that.  

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