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Bankruptcy timeline in Ga


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My ex husband has filed BK7 in Bartow dischargehouse is part of it. My question is does anyone know how long it has been taking to get discharged here? his court date is August 20th, and then there is a date of October 25th, on the notice that says that is how long people have to file a claim, I believe? Does he have at least until that date for discharge? He is trying to arrange a new place to live.



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As Willing said, you have 90 days between the 341 meeting (meeting with creditors) and the discharge, assuming the case goes through normal channels. Chase cannot ever start foreclosure proceedings until the case is done. Once the case is done, Georgia is rather quick on foreclosures and hence, the sale will take place on the first Tuesday of the month after 30 days after Chase notifies your ex-husband that it intends to foreclose. Once the sale is done, the can then evict your ex husband.

Once the discharge is issued and the case is closed, you ex husband should call Chase and ask them what they will give him in exchange for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Quite a few times, they will offer some money if they can get the keys to a house that still has electrical and plumbing because most of the time, if they have to foreclose, they end up with a house that has been ransacked. If Chase refuses to offer a deal, then make them go through the expense to foreclose. They cannot recoup it from your ex because the bankruptcy stops that. I am betting they know this however and will offer a deal to get your ex out ASAP without going through the process.

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