Account in collections, date changed

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I am trying to rebuild my credit, with a score of 626 and only one active CC and another not in use but paid off.

I've had this account in collections since 2009, began as $800 amount from Bank Of America (bought from Santander). Since 2011 I have not made payments to the account and it has changed collection agency multiple times and increased to $1080. I have not had any contact with the current agency in over three years and when I check my report the date of the account being "opened" has now changed to 2013. My question is: is there a statue of limitations on collection agencies collecting money in RHODE ISLAND and if this changing date is normal? It keeps showing up in my CR, I noticed last summer it showed up from two separate collection agencies at one point.

Any help + advice is greatly appreciated!

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"Date Opened" is just the date they bought it.  Its the "date of first delinquency" with the OC that controls how long it stays on your reports.


They can TRY to collect forever.  RI's "statue of limitations" controls how long they can use the courts to help them.

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