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Trying to keep all my 'troubles' under one thread.  


Portfolio called today about a GECRB ToysRUs card.  First line out of the guys mouth "I am so-n-so from PRA's Litigation Department and they have asked me to make a courtesy call.  This account is owned by us and you owe us >$6XX.00.  Our Lawyer hasn't reviewed it yet, how do you want to pay this today?" 


CR shows a SYNC/Toys account being reported by PRA and by an OC that shows an account open of Sept 2008, charge off amount of <$250.00 and last payment in Sept 2011, charge off June 2012.  Now for the strange part....  The OC shows a payment of $35.00 a month for Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May and June of 2013.  PRA shows a purchase date of 5/2013.  I have made NO payments for the account.


Suggestions from you fine folks??

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Well, today I get a call from a JDB about a default judgement....?????  So I took the case number down and told them I knew nothing of it.  Got the file from the courthouse and they got a default when I was living out of state.  The thing that also stuck out, the attorney for the plaintiff swore out an affidavit that everything she stated in the complaint is true.  Is that even legal?  Is an attorney allowed to testify??

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The affidavit was to verify the complaint.


 "Verification" is defined as "a formal declaration made in the presence of an authorized officer, such as a notary public, by which one swears to the truth of the statements in the document." Black's Law Dictionary, 1556 (7th ed.1999); see also 3 Am.Jur.2d Affidavits § 8 (A verified complaint must be sworn to under oath.). Taylor v. Kentucky Unemployment Ins. Comm'n, 382 S.W.3d 826 (Ky. 2012).

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