DV'd &I got original contract with no charges now what ?

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I DV'd the assignee (National Fitness) for my gym Just Fitness 4U for a $100 charge on my TU CR.  I also disputed it with TU as not mine. 

They responded with the signed copy of the original contract, proving account is mine but did not send an itemized listing of the debt.  On the contract,  I had paid my initial fees and so it shows an $0 amount due.   I had this account for a couple of years and  I believe I paid this in full a couple of years ago when it ended.  I had it taken out by automatic deduction so I never received statements.   So, without them sending an itemized list of charges, how can I dispute that it is paid ?   It is still within the SOL.  What are my next steps/ dispute options to get this removed ? 


Any help is appreciated!!   TIA




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Yes,  but it has been there a while.  I don't ever remember seeing a dunning letter for it.    I know they have my phone # and contacted me when I had lost my debit card and the # changed because it threw a flag for the automatic payments. They also called me when I made what I thought was my final payment,  and have not contacted me since.   I have a payment on my bank statement to them ( which I believe is the final) that is within $ 10 of what is being listed on my TU CR.  Do I dispute it as incorrect? or as paid ?   I could easily send my statement page showing that last payment,  but I don't want them making up or adding additional charges after that date in an attempt to make their case.   I also thought of  ReDVing,  and specifically pointing out the part on the letter that asks for an itemized charge listing,  and  tell them that while the contract is nice touch without the itemized listing they have no right to continue reporting and must remove listing.  Is that true or is the signed contract with no proof of charges enough to keep it listed as valid ?





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Did your TU dispute results come back yet?

If TU says "verified" and it remains on your report, my move would be to send another letter to TU and ask them to provide the method used to verify along with the name and address of the person who verified the TL to TU.

Chances are you may get a very generic form letter response from TU that does not address the information you requested, however, if you check your report again, usually I find they have quietly removed the account in question.

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Follow up - I disputed with TU as paid in full, citing that they didn't provide me proof of any debt owed to them.  Other than the original signed contract, which also had a zero balance. 

TL was removed from my report with in 2 days!!




Thanks All !!


:punknanner: :punknanner: :punknanner:




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