help with answering notice of wage execution in new jersey

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hi i just received this notice of wage execution in the mail. i am not sure of how i should go about answering this. i know i will not be able to survive if my wages are taken at this point. cause in this case i am living paycheck to paycheck already. so where should i start in my response to the courts and law firm that have brought this judgment debt from another law firm that had it originally.

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It will be impossible to vacate a judgment after 15 years and unfortunately NJ has a draconian long SOL to collect on it.  


Your 2 options are to see if NJ has an exemption to garnishments if your income is below a certain level (living paycheck to paycheck won't do it) and if that can quash the garnishment.  Some states have laws like this like CA and FL.  I do not know if NJ does.  If NJ does not then your next option is bankruptcy because regardless of how tight your finances are they will garnish your wages otherwise.

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Unfortunately there is no getting out of this one. NJ has held that challenging a judgement would have to be within a year of the date it was entered. 


At this point....it appears you also missed the application. However, in that notice...you are given the option to object (pointless in your case - you'll never get it vacated) or asking for a reduction. They'll grant you a hearing within 7 days. They'll can only take 10% of your income after taxes if you earn less than 250% of the federal poverty level for your household size or up to 25% if you earn more than 250% of the FPL. 


Bankruptcy may be your sole savior at this point. 

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