Sued by WWR on behalf of Midland - Michigan

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The story is a bit complicated.  Opened a credit card with HSBC (Best Buy logo), used, paid in terms.  Account was sold to Capital One with an outstanding balance.  I did not make any purchases subsequent to the Capital One transition, but did make payments on account.  My final payments (a few days apart) were made roughly the same time that the account was being sold to Citibank.  One of the two payments was credited to my account, the second was not.  With the transfer to Citibank, statements were sent to an incorrect address and I didn't realize Citibank believed a balance was outstanding.


In June 2014, Midland bought the account from Citibank and is now suing me for the outstanding balance plus several months of interest and fees.


To add to the complexity, all payments were made online, electronically from my Bank of America savings account.  My branch was subsequently sold to Huntington bank and thus far I have been unable to obtain any records from either B of A or Huntington for this period.


I'm looking for suggestions as to possible defenses.  Without proof of payment, it seems like I cannot dispute the balance.   Can I somehow attack the transfer from Capital One to Citibank?  Other thoughts?



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