Disputing a Hard Inquiry on Credit Report

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A while back I had applied for a merchant account with a 3rd party company who states they approve riskier type internet companies selling a service and not a tangable product. I had called this company for over 30 days with no return calls or emails to check the status of our application.


I never received a letter of denial from the issuing bank they applied to or the company. Finally after 60 days or so I reached someone at the company and asked them why I am not getting a letter of denial and that I have the right to know the reason. I got the run around. I thought they are supposed to send that letter and it is supposed to state that I have the right to the reason for denial.


I know see the hard inquiry on my report and called the company and they said they will not remove it.

I told him that the company misled me stating that my business was an acceptable type of business that they approve merchant accounts specifically for. The guy told me on the phone that it looks like they denied us because of the type of business it was but he did not know for sure.


I told them I would not have applied with them if they did not work with riskier companies for merchants accounts.


The CA wants a letter from them in order for them to remove it.


Do I have any recourse here to get it removed?

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