Collection Agency sends letter on small debt but corporation dissolved

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Collection Agency sends letter on small debt but corporation dissolved.


The bank account was closed and the corporation was dissolved even before the account was in collection . I am not sure why they show the old corporation and not the new one that the account was under.

Its a smaller debt under $350


The sol will run out beginning of 2016

I am more concerned with them reporting it on CR

I sent the validation and they responded with statements from the OC but statements covering one year. I doubt they would sue but may report to CA- not sure


Should I make an issue of this corporation no longer being in existence- If I can still find a statement with the other corp name what should I do with that?

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They probably have fulfilled the requirements for DV (it is not hard to do). Did you sign something saying that you were responsible for the corporate debts? If you did, then they can go after you. If you did not, then that is an affirmative defense if they go after you as the individual as the corporation is a separate entity and dissolution is the same as death.

I cannot see them suing you for something under $350 but then again, JDBs do crazy things. If you can avoid their calls, you might get away with the debt going beyond SOL. If they sure you, you probably could offer $100 to make it go away and that might be cheaper than court.

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