Sued By Midland Funding...Need Some Guidance

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Here's the "timeline"....


1. Midland filed its Complaint on May 13th.

2. I filed my answer on May 29th

3. Plantiff filed MSJ on July 8th

4. We both appeared for pre-trial conference on July 16th ( No settlement was reached ) 

5. The court entered Judgement on August 21st.

6. I filed Motion to Vacate on August 28th

7. Midland filed their answer on Sept 10th.


Here's the issue...I did reply  to their MSJ and sent certified copies to both the court and to Midland on August 5th.


I verified they  both received my mailings on August 7th.


I have all receipts proving this.   What can I do from here?   



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