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CRAs reporting different- need advice on CO, goodwill letter, and disputes!!!


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So I have checked all 3 CRAs and I'm finding discrepancies.


For example, a CareCredit loan for $1,212 is reported as Charged off-Derogatory on one CR and Charge off-Transfered/Sold and Closed 03/13 on another. Can I dispute this because they are different and maybe get it removed? Also, I've never been contacted by CareCredit or a CA trying to collect this debt and no one has reported it since CareCredit closed the account. I want to pay it and get the CO removed, but my CR says they sold it and there is no reporting of who owns the debt so I don't really know where to go from here.


Another is a Wells Fargo education loan for $6,515 that became CO in 2013. This was a loan I got in August, 2007 for school, originally through Wachovia. This loan is being reported twice. Once as opened on 08/27/07 and closed 12/05/09 "Due to Transfer". Then again as opened in 09/17/07 and "CO-Derogatory" 03/29/13. The only reason I can think of why this would be is Wells Fargo bought Wachovia during that time so they transferred it to their system or something, but then I don't get the open dates being different.


Then on another report it shows the 2007-2013 loan as "Open-Collection/Charge off. They are still reporting every month as a CO. They are also reporting Closed to one CR and Open on the other two. I haven't had the money to pay them and have been hearing mixed reviews on getting them to PFD. I haven't thought about sending a DV either because I'm sure they have everything to back up the debt being mine. I want to report all of these discrepancies to see if I can get the CRAs to just remove the CO, but I'm afraid that will just wake the beast and have them on my tail again. They haven't sent me any letters in two years.  I do get phone calls from 877 and local areacodes, but I never answer and no message is ever left. 


I also have a bunch of reports of late payments from Sallie Mae. This shows up as 7 different missed payments bc the student loans were in lumps of 5k, 3.5k, 2k, etc but they were all Federal Sub/Unsub loans. They were never sent to collections and I consolidated through Fedloan and the account is in good standing. I wanted to call Sallie Mae to ask to remove the reports bc they never went to collections and I consolidated but I'm not sure if there would be any luck. Thoughts?


The last thing is a Perkins loan through my University. It went CO and then assigned to what looks like on my report as 3 separate CAs. When I consolidated all my loans, I convinced my university to take the loan out of collections so I could consolidate. They agreed and I was able to federally consolidate that with the Sallie Mae loans. All accounts show "Paid Collection", but the university still shows "Collection/CO" too. I'm going to try to see if they will remove this, but no idea.


Now, the 3 CAs are showing up as FIRSTSOURCE ADVANTAGE, LLC, ONEADVANTAGE, and the third as just FIRSTSOURCE. The first two are the same company reporting the same debt. FIRSTSOURCE is one that was reported removed October 1st, 2015 but I can't tell if that's the same company too. I can dispute these and get them removed, right?


I need to clean all this up as much as possible so any advice will help. Thanks!

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