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Highly In Debt - Wana See if I Can File


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Well, about 4 months ago, my job closed.

I just recently started work again, and am 22. 

At the time I was a restaurant worker making around 30,000 dollars a year, the likes of which supported 3 people: Myself, my girlfriend, and my sister.

Even before losing the job, I had some small debt. Around 2000 in credit balances I was making regular payments on.

However, in order to ensure that I kept a roof over my head and kept these two girls alright, I've put myself into massive amounts of credit and loan based debt while trying to get back to work.

And now with debt collectors calling me all the time, I simply do not make enough money and won't be for quite a while until things get back into full swing with the new job, to make the payments properly and still be able to support the ones I care about.

I rent the place I'm at.

I have very little in the way of property that could be liquidated...

Would I even qualify?
Because I'm pretty sure when my wages start getting Garnished (Not entirely sure how that works yet, doing the research) by debtors, I will lose my home or have to live without proper means.

Not exactly where I'd have liked to have been at 22.

But you take care of the ones you love.

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BK is worthless unless, you can support yourself post bk.

You give no details but at a minimum, you need to have a basic safety net in place. A job and also access to health insurance are a must in my opinion.

Next, time to see that your GF is helping with the bills. If your sister is not in school, she needs a job and help out as well. You're really not helping anyone {yourself included} if you're supporting people able to work but for whatever reason don't.

Odds are, you'll qualify for a Chapter 7 but, just be sure you structure it so you'll get the biggest benefit.

Most lawyers give a free or low cost initial consultation. Speak with a few and get all of your options explained.

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