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I just want to know when you paid credit cards debts the companies you own (Citi, Chase, Discover, Amex, GE Bank and Capitol One) you repaid them all the amount they put you in a blacklist even you repair your credit score when you applied a new credit cards with that companies I mentioned? Or they have certain years of penalty because you owned them money.

Also if someone know the years of penalties to applied again if is any penalties years of this companies; Citi, Chase, Discover, Amex, GE Bank and Capitol One


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I have heard AMEX and CHASE black list.  I can tell you Cap1 does not.  Years ago they got a judgment against me which they never collected on due to Virginia Homestead Exemptions and today I have two cards in excellent standing with them without penalty.


Some cards will tell you that you cannot get new accounts until you settle outstanding old ones even if it is 20 years ago but they cannot open a new account and then add the balance from a prior account.  They also might charge a higher interest rate if you have defaulted against them in the past.  

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