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Tax lien release GA

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I am working on repairing my credit but GA tax liens are hurting my score. I had liens filed against a closed business. Under the same Fifa# the state filed 2 different liens 1 against the business, and 1 against the business with me as individual. I have paid the liens but the file and release are showing on my personal credit reports as two different entries. My personal credit report lists a lien filed without a paid date, and a seperate release as paid. Is this the correct way they are reported? I am getting 2 hits for every lien even when paid.


Tax lien record abc123

Amount 100

Filed 1/1/15


Tax lien record qqq111

Amount 100

Filed 2/1/15

Paid 2/1/15

I went to the courthouse and got copies of both records. abc123 is the original filing of the Fifa, and qqq111 is the payment/release of abc123 as paid. I am confused as why abc123 is lot listed as paid, and why is an additional lien listed for payment. Is this something I can challenge with the credit reporting agencies?

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Long time to go with no response here.  But I'm thinking it's the lack of data here.

You need to specifically list what is showing and all the details of HOW it displays.  Is this showing on a merged credit report?  It could be that one bureau shows the lien filling and another shows the release.

Ideally, this should display as one item with both the paid date and the disposition (which is a Release of Lien).  Think of the Release as a divorce decree.  It's a separate legal item and should be recorded in public records as well.  But for the disposition to show as a separate item is neither unusual nor incorrect.  It's still in your best interests to get this consolidated into one entry.

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