Collection Law Suit - Not My SSN

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I have a two part question and request for guidance:



I was served today with a summons from a Collection Company, first off by a processor who was wearing a badge (stating my city pd - not their normal badge) & wearing a gun on his hip. As it did not seem right and i was not home at the time, he approached my neighbor asking if she was me - when she stated she did no know me he continued to ask and insist she was (he was at the wrong house to begin with). She called me and we both contacted the local authorities who arrived with backup - once they were there - more were requested - in all 9 cops were at my house, turns out he was carrying a pistol without authorization or permit. Can i sue for intimidation?



The debt he served me on does not have my SSN, it has another.  The original creditor was informed that it was not my SSN when i tried to make a payment (my 3rd due) and they stated to hold off on any payments while they investigated and got back to me. They never contacted me again, instead they sent me to collections - i never received notice from the collection agency of the debt being turned over and then today i am being sued... What are my options?


I have sent a request for validation to the collection agency, do i need to send to the attorney and the original creditor? I am now in the process of filing Sworn Denial & Discovery paperwork with the courts. I have also reported the man to his processing firm and the state attorney general office.


Is there more i need or can do?

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