Should I Pay Off Collections

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I've been working to build up my credit score after years of neglecting it, I currently have scores of:


Eq 616, TU 592, Ex 607


I had a credit card for 7 months and recently had my limit increased to 2500 from 2000, and a 2nd card with a 300 limit.


I have 2 collections and they are for rather small amounts so I wonder if I would be better off just paying them. One is for $71 and the other is $446.


Should I try for removal of the items or just pay them?


Thank you for your help.

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Collection Associates, medical, May 2014 $71


Enhanced Recovery, Sprint, March 2015 ( I know this date is incorrect) $466


The medical collection is prime for a pay for deletion and should be dispatched easily.


ERC is a credit report poisoner that violates the FDCPA and FCRA repeatedly.  I have fought them TWICE.  I would not pay them one red cent and would use every law at my disposal to fight them to the death.

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I wouldn't pay them.  I would dispute that medical debt and bet there is a good chance it will be removed pretty easily.  If it is verified the first time, I would send an MOV letter.  This has worked for me 100% of the time on small medical collections just like this one.


Sprint has an arbitration agreement.  I would dispute the TL and if it comes back verified, I would start an arbitration claim against Sprint & ERC.  When Sprint contacts me to see how to resolve this, I will tell them I will drop my arbitration claims if they recall the account from ERC, remove all collections from my reports and consider the account paid in full.


I have done both of these things I suggest with very nice results.

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To update, Equifax and Experian have both dropped the collection from ERC from my report. I still haven't heard back from Transunion as I mailed the letter to them much later.

Will ERC be able to just re-submit this later on or do I have to worry about them suing me?

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On 1/27/2017 at 2:10 PM, Pheasant Gunner said:

How does one start a arbitration claim against Verizon and CRA?

It's best to start your own thread to get more help and not confuse the replies with the OP's post.  But I will tell you that you need to get a copy of the Verizon customer agreement contract.  The arbitration section tells you how to start arb.  They will list either AAA or JAMS as the arbitration firm.  You can then go to the website of that firm and download the consumer filing demand forms which have further instruction on how to file.

Personally, I would not arbitrate with the CRAs any more.  They have all started really pushing back and in the end it will require that you file a PTC in federal court to force them to arbitrate, and some, such as Equifax, may not even be required to arbitrate by the court under their newest agreement with weasel language carving out FCRA violations from arbitration.  It's best just to take CRAs straight to court if needed.

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