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SBA disaster loan collection with garnishment


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I received an SBA disaster recovery loan in 2005 after hurricane Katrina for 20k. I set everything up to have them draft the $100 monthly payment from my checking account and everything was going fine. In early 2007 I changed banks with a new checking account. I did not think to call them with the new bank information. About 3 months later I began receiving demand letters from pioneer credit recovery telling me that I owed the entire balance plus 5k for penalties. They were unwilling to make any kind of monthly arrangement so I ignored them (I realize not it was probably a bad move). A few years went by and they were taking my tax refunds every year and putting towards the balance. In 2012 they sent letters to myself and my employer demanding wage garnishment. I have had roughly $232 taken from my bi-weekly paycheck so since 2013. The US dept of treasury continues to report 180+ past due. I have disputed with the cra several times as well as sent certified letters to the dept of treasury and pioneer. I do not believe they are properly applying the payments because the balance which is 4,xxx now never goes down on my credit report They never respond to my letters. I am basically asking them for a statement that shows payments and charges since its conception and that I have reason the believe there are errors. Sorry for the long post, but any suggestions?

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