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Being Sued By Midland Funding in Delaware

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I am currently being sued by MF in Delaware for $750. I answered their complaint and then soon after the sent me their interrogatories and also filed for summary judgment prior to the trial date. I did answer the interrogatories and I also showed up in court to contest the summary judgement. I also sent them my own interrogatories along with a request for production of documents. The lawyer for Midland withdrew his summary judgment since obviously I showed up in court and he did not have enough evidence to go forth with it. He was basically fumbling around and a nervous wreck and was asking the judge if he could get a witness to testify via video and also asked if we could push back the trial date, which was only about 3 weeks away. The judge asked me how I felt about pushing the trial date back and I said no. The judge said he felt that the lawyer only wanted to delay at the convenience of the witness and wouldn't grant his request. Meanwhile, the lawyer for MF still needed to get my interrogatories back to me, which he did, except he was late in sending them. He was supposed to have them to me 10 days before trial and I only just received them 5 days before trial. Also out of 20 interrogatories, 14 of them were objected to and number 20 was never answered at all and almost every question on the POD was objected to. Then they just attached the same old generic bill of sale and another document that has every piece of information blacked out or redacted. Also the judge had told them that if they want a witness to testify through video, that the would need to request it and I had the option to object. The judge told me it would be to my benefit but I disagree. I don't think they would risk trying to being someone in to testify in person for a $750 debt. If anyone could give me any info especially pertaining to Delaware laws that would help me in my case I would appreciate it. My trial date is the end of this week.

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How did you find an attorney for this? I'm afraid that I am going to be sued too if i don't ask fast. I received a letter from capital one that i owe them $635. But i don't owe them anything because I don't even have a credit card from them. So now I'm trying to find an attorney or somebody that can help me with this before it goes to court. 

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