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Medical Collection for an account that should have been covered by Medical Assistance

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I recently had my credit pulled, and I noticed a collection account that I did not recognize. I sent a letter of validation and they responded. It was for a medical service that my child received. However we were on medical assistance at the time. 


This debt it from 5 years ago. 


What are the steps to dispute this? My first thought is to contact the county to get proof of medical assistance, but then what? Can they resubmit something from 5 years ago?


I never received a bill.



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Question is, do you want to wake a sleeping dog at this point? 1 more year and the collector cannot sue on this account in Minnesota and in 2 more years, it falls off of your report anyways. Unless you are getting ready to make a major purchase, you might be better off to leave this along.

I doubt MA will pay after 5 years. Sounds like the provided messed up and did not bill MA properly and did not bill you either. Either than or MA paid this and the provider did not update their accounts properly.

If you want to get this off, I would start with the provider and MA and see what happened here. This will tell you the next path. I would not bother with the collector because it might cause them to sue you on the account and the MN courts are creditor friendly.

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