Subpoena for the Production of Documents?

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Good Evening everyone!


I am new here, have read some of the threads and plan to be here for a good while just to educate myself if nothing else. 


I received paperwork in the mail today noting my Bank in the upper left hand corner with Capital One Bank vs. Myself.


The Collection Agency(WWR) sent the original Subpoena for the Production of Documents to My Bank.  The Date for court is Dec 30,




My question is, I know this is for my bank and maybe a lawyer for the bank will be there to represent and submit all information


regarding bank account but what should I be doing?  I owe them $2531.00.


If they would like, my bank has an option of emailing the documents instead. I am not sure of this whole process.  I had been making


payments for a while until a lost my job then I did not inform them, just felt I would pay when I got a new job.  Can you tell me what I


should be doing at this point?  Is this a long process where I have time to pay it?  Even worse, will this go on my credit report???  I am


worried since I have been working on it for some time now.



Please help, all responses appreciated.

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What is the legal status of this case?  Do they have a judgment?  To me, it sounds like they do, and this is an attempt to locate your assets.


If they don't have a judgment, then I would object, that your bank records are none of their business.

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I made regular monthly payments for about a year and a half until August 2015.  Change in employment but I am working now.  I talked to PNC Bank today and they said they normally wait until the last day (December 30) to answer and WWR is looking for bank account info belonging to me to attach and get the money that way.  Capital One had a judgment against me, it went to WWR, the judgment was on my credit and dropped off November 2015.


I plan to pay them what I can as often as I can....My bank account has under 5.00 sitting there so I am not concerned but I do not want this to go any further, not sure what else can happen.

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In OH, I believe that judgments are good for 20 years.


If you have been paying, I would demand an accounting of what is still owed of that $2,500.


Also, your back will likely charge you fees for answering the subpoena.

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