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Anyone Have a Reliable Process Server in San Diego, California?

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Hi, All.


Does anyone have a reliable process server they can recommend (based on past personal experience) in the Greater San Diego area?  I need to have a subpoena served on a JDB employee there.  The job will require that they attempt personal service up to (3) times before leaving it with anyone else, sending me an Affidavit of Due Diligence (preferably in both electronic and hard copy form), and do it all in a very timely fashion.  


Any leads are very much appreciated, particularly if you can tell me a little bit about your experience with the company or individual being recommended.  Thanks!

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Hey, @caligirl2012.  


Valpro just got back to me and advised that standard service (attempted within 48-72 hours) would be $100, while rush service (attempted within 24 hours) would be $150.  Does this sound like what they quoted you as far as price and time frames?  Seems kind of high and slow, but if you were happy with them, that counts for something.  Thanks!

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Hey h8spleading paper, that quote is very close to what they quoted me.  For me it was 80 for standard and 120 rush to serve in San Jose.  I chose rush and they tried to serve the next day, and then tried for the next 3 consecutive days.  I was satisfied with their service. They kept me up to date via email about the status and if I had any questions, I could email them and they would respond within 30 min or less.

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Thanks, @caligirl2012.  I paid $65 last time, but wasn’t wild about the service.  Sounds like you had a good experience with Valpro, so maybe it’s worth the extra dough.  Especially if I happen to win and can recover the cost.  I really appreciate you taking the time to give me the feedback on them.  Thanks very much!  :-)  

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