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How to Get Out of This Debt


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I was helped so much by others here and am hoping my friend can be helped as well.


Background: Friend lives in Georgia.  She had a car and a credit card and was paying on time. Friend experienced a serious illness, was hospitalized and got behind a couple of months.  While in the hospital, she received a letter stating they would take her to court if she didn't pay immediately, she promptly freaked out because the idea of court is terrifying and she didn't want to be the sort of person who had to go to court for unpaid bills.  She signed up for a debt consolidation loan with springleaf after only doing basic research.  They hold a lien on her car, which is now older and nearly worthless so can't be sold to pay off loan.  


The debt consolidation loan currently sits at $6,000.  This may not seem like much, but Friend has never been able to recover her employment after her illness for fear of again falling behind on bills.  She holds a job that pays just above minimum wage.  After paying her regular living expenses and then her debt, she has almost nothing left over.  Friend has become increasingly desperate because she's not seeing an end in site.  If none of this had ever happened, her car would have been paid off years ago, the credit card would have been paid off years ago, and she probably would have been halfway to a downpayment on a house (assuming she had been able to recover her previous employment path).  


What are things friend can do?  At this point, she cares not one bit about her credit score.  She doesn't care if she destroys it.  The only thing she worries about is having to go to court and getting screwed over worse.  


I apologize profusely if a similar question like this has already been asked and answered.  I don't have time right now to really do lots of reading but after having spent several hours listening to Friend cry about how hopeless her life feels in this moment.  

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