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Removing CA item - no OC item reported

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Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure how to get these items removed and need some guidance.  These accounts are past my SOL's - original lates was probably back in 2010.

Calvary Port for FIA cards - 15,424

Portfolio RC for MBNA - 42,188

The original creditor is not showing up on my credit reports just the collection.  The CA's is showing opened in 2013.  Any help is appreciated.  

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There are TWO SOLs.  One for suing you and one for reporting the debt.  The SOL for reporting the debt is 7 years and 6 months from the date of default.  Given a default date of "probably 2010" that means the junk debt buyer can legally report the debt until 2017 or possibly 2018 depending on when in 2010 the default happened.

There is NO magic method to removing a valid trade line.  With debt that high and there being an affirmative defense if they did try to sue you their best leverage is to report to the bitter end.  Forcing a deletion is about leverage and with the OC not reporting finding violations of the FCRA is going to be extremely hard if not impossible.  Short of them not responding to a dispute to the credit bureaus or filing BK on the debt these 2 JDBs are most likely going to report to the bitter end knowing that $60k of bad debt reporting will hurt your credit and definitely keep you from getting a mortgage.  You have nothing to lose by trying but based on what you reported I don't see any leverage on your side and I would not get your hopes up.

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