Being Sued, Plaintiff's Law Firm Not Responsive, What Should I Do?

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As I posted in an earlier thread, I live in GA and am being sued by my homeowner's association for unpaid dues in the amount of $3800 which includes court costs, interest and legal fees.  I was laid off for 3 1/2 years which caused me to get behind.  My court date is at the end of this month.

I actually owe $2958 and am willing to try to work out arrangements to pay the $2958 before the court date to avoid going to court.  I called the lawyer on the case twice last week, once she was off, the other time she was at lunch, and both times I left messages in her voice mail box telling her who I was and I wanted to talk about settling the case.  She has not returned my call.  On last Tuesday,, I sent a letter via certified mail detailing my offer and saying that I would be willing to present a cashier's check or money order for the offer amount provided they dismiss the case against me with prejudice and agree not to go after me in the future for the additional amount they are saying that I owe.  I got the return receipt card in the mail on yesterday showing that they got my letter and proposed agreement but haven't heard from them and my court date is this Wednesday.  At this point, should I try reaching out to them again, or should I call the Homeowner's Association and tell them I've tried contacting their lawyer's office to work out an agreement but they are being non-responsive, or should I just go to court on Wednesday with a cashier's check in hand and let the judge know that I have tried reaching out to the attorney's office and hae a check with me for the proposed settlement and bring copies of the letter/agreement that I mailed to the attorney and see if they'd be willing to sign it and dismiss the case against me with prejudice?

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