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CRD PRT ASSO -- help!


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I know that this question has probably been asked a ton of times, and I've tried googling this to get a straight forward answer, but I keep finding mixed answers and I don't want to get myself into more trouble! I have a delinquent account from...

CRD PRT ASSO $143.00

on my Credit Tracker... I know that it is hurting my credit and I also know exactly what the debt is from (forgot to return a modem when I moved) and I was really struggling to get by.. now that I have my finances in order, I'd like to find a way to get this off of my credit.. I know it's been a 3 or 4 years since I've kept the modem, is it too late to send a DV (and really, do I have to considering I already know it is legit?) or can I go straight to a PFD? Or will that bring about more trouble? I saw on a couple websites that trying to "reopen" the debt stuff can open a new can of worms.. but I really just want to get the delinquent account off of my credit so it's not hurting my score anymore! Thanks for anyone that can help me out!

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1 hour ago, acorn said:

Since you know it's yours, I would try contacting the original creditor and see whether they would be willing to do a pay-for-delete.  (Of course, you know to get everything in writing before you make a payment.)

When you say original creditor, do you mean http://www.creditprotect.com?

Should I contact them? I have no idea where or if there are letters asking for the debt... I was young and definitely threw those away.. :?

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