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Chap. 13 Bankruptcy Still Being Reported


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Well, I learned something new. Apparently a Chapter 13 can be on your report for 10 years but some reporting agencies remove them after 7. Maybe TU has taken a hard line on this due to invalid FCRA complaints and decided to keep them on for the entire 10 years.

Honestly, at this point, it should not be causing a huge issue because it is 8.5 years old. It should not affect your score that much, especially if you have mended your ways since them. It may not be worth arguing at this point. Also note, that in some cases, lender and others wanting to know your credit history ask if you ever filed for BK, not within the past 7 or 10 years but ever. The cases themselves are held by the courts and they keep them forever.

So TU is reporting correctly, even if there is a gentlemen's policy to remove it earlier.

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