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Is it appropriate to vacate judgment in this case?


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I was sued by a collection agency for 2 hospital debts at the time.  I started paying off the debt before the court date.  I also disputed one debt a month before the court date because the health provider never billed my insurance and now the health insurance company paid that debts after the judgment by the court has been entered which now appears on my credit score.

Even though I technically owe one of the debts but was not responsible for the other debt.  Is it appropriate to vacate judgement?

If vacating is successful, by time the court date rolls around I would have had satisfied the debt I do owe, which was only $600.  However, the judge may say that at the time, I would have still owed some amount of money.

On my credit score for the public record it says $950 for the judgement yet that number should be lower.  Also, does the amount of judgement effect credit score as well?

If I am unable to vacate the judgement, is it possible to amend the judgment through the credit score agencies to change the $950 amount?

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