IRS Installment Agreement Heads Up

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Just a "heads up" to anyone with an IRS Installment Agreement. I received a registered letter demanding full payment (with an intent to levy) on an Agreement that I have paid religiously. I called IRS and the agent said that a "computer glitch" was causing this problem. She had to go back through my payment history to determine that the problem was on their end. 

So, if any of you have one of these arrangements, check your mail box. I talked to a "tax guy" that said these things can quickly spiral out of control if not addressed up front.

(I found that, when calling, selecting options that said "I received a letter" and "I do not dispute amount" cut down the estimated wait time considerably.)

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Computer glitch my butt.

I also have an installment agreement paid on religiously.  I get one of these letters each year.  Every time I respond they say "sorry that was a mistake".  This is nothing more than a bullying tactic to get you to pay them earlier. 

Next, wait until you receive a lock in letter for your payroll witholdings.  They will try to force you into a "single, 0" by going straight to your employer with the demand to change the W4.  This is nothing more than an illegal garnishment.   I fought back and got them  to back off.  But it is just the way they go about doing things figuring they can bully you into what they want by threatening to levy/confiscate your funds.

Thanks for the heads up.

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