Judgement awarded in Oregon

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Interesting development, I had a retail credit card account with Home Depot, issued by & owned by CitiBank.  I had medical/financial problems back in 2012.  I had to default on several accounts, I have since resolved 4 out of the 7.  CitiBank/HD wasn't resolved, CitiBank turned the collection over to Suttle, Hammer & White a law firm Collection Agency located in Wash.  I sent the CMRRR's (DV & CD), later I was served with a summons or legal documentation for 'Answers', I ignored those thinking that I would end up in arbitration (which I would lose anyway living in Oregon), then onto court.  The answers was an end run that resulted in a judgement awarded against me by the Circuit Court.  It is now on my credit report, BIG WHOO!  Age (71), health & attitude make it a non issue since I'm basically 'collection proof' with only SS income.

I called the circuit court to get information & was told that yes there is a judgement awarded.  I asked about mandatory arbitration, seems since I ignored the served paperwork they won.  The silver lining is now I don't have to come up with the fees for my share of the arbitration, which could have been as much as $300.  I would have lost anyway & gone onto court.  I avoided the answers paperwork, the fees, the hassle to attend either arbitration or court.  I don't see a downside to this.  I had filed a complaint with CFPB, the response from Citi was that I had called the CA with an offer.  I never gave a dollar figure but did tell them I am offering a one time chance for them to offer their best settlement.  Their offer was too high ($2,700) for my comfort level, which I refused & never countered.  

In Citi's response to CFPB they indicated that I had made the $2,700 offer (their figure not mine) & they would settle if I called the CA and set up settlement.  This is the same group of businesses that was hacked back in 2013 exposing 50 million accounts, then CitiBank received 475 Billion tarp money, helped with the housing bubble, violated credit accounts with inflated fees and interest charges and now wants my protected Social Security, that will not happen.  I have filed a legal disclaimer with my bank that protects or at least flagged my account as my recipient of my SS only.  I absolutely have no assets, insurance or future employment, I am sure I have no rich relatives or inheritance, my sister & brother seen to that.  

I only hope that Suttle, Hammer & White is monitoring this, because I don't want to waste the CMRRR fees to refresh their memory.    I guess now I can say I have settled 5 of 7.

Thanks for the information I found here, but I want to warn anyone living in Oregon that there are ways to skirt around the system that wasn't in Hueypilot's posts. 

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