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No, I would object to this completely.  I don't know why the location of the arbitration matters, since the hearing should be in your home town anyway, so they will have to travel.  Unless you live in GA and that is why they want the substitute.  But I would object and disagree completely.  If the arbitrators have already been chosen, though luck to them. 

You need to be a roadblock in every step of arbitration for it to work.  Since they can't get anything from you anyway, my goal would be to push them into a corner until they agree to a complete dismissal.

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If the arbitrator has not even been selected yet, then I would most definitely send an objection to JAMS.  I would state that they are not following the rules and that they have the option to strike 2 arbitrators from the list provided and beyond that, you object to the Respondent's attempt to unilaterally choose an arbitrator.

Arbitration works best when you object to every wrong thing they do.  You must object to EVERY rule violation or little game like this.  This will preserve the record and give you leverage later if you need to use the optional 3-arbitrator appeal.  This is where their costs really skyrocket into the $100,000 range.  If you don't keep the pressure on them, they have nothing to lose by pressuring you to settle on their terms.


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