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Suspicious collection activity on my experian report. What do I do?


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I have the Experian ProtectID service, since the Anthem BC/BS hacking incident and today I noticed this pop-up on my report.

Account name: PARAMOUNT RECOVERY SYSTM 111 E CENTER ST, LORENA, TX 76655, 254 857 7007
Account number: CAPOCAP1700200382255
Recent balance: $630 as of 03/01/2016
Date opened: 12/2015
Status: Collection account. $630 past due as of Mar 2016.
Address identification number: 0317070136
Type: Collection
Terms: 1 Months
On record until: Feb 2017
Credit limit or original amount: $630
High balance: $0
Monthly payment: $0
Recent payment amount: $0
Date of status: 03/2016
First reported: 03/2016
Responsibility: Individual
Account history: 2016/Mar/C

I find this troubling because:
1. The dates on this report are from 12/2015 and 03/01/2016. The creditor is located in Texas, but I have been living in Missouri since 2013.
2. I have never used the creditors services let alone visited their medical facilities. The company runs a number of private ER rooms in and around Austin Texas.
3. I have never been contacted by Paramount Recovery Systems about this debt.
4. I have seen a LOT of BBB complaints about this recovery company. So may be a junk debt dealer, trying to beat Texas's 4 year statue of limitations for suing on debts.

The only scenario I can come up with, is that after immigrating to the USA in 2009, I lived in Texas up until mid 2013. My now deceased wife, who passed away March 2015, was in and out of ER rooms with her end stage kidney disease around 2011/2012. She never let me deal with her medical bills and to be honest wasn't very responsible with paying them. So we move to Missouri, 4 years pass and now in 2016 I'm getting slapped with a bad credit report for this $630, which was probably for her ER visits. I know Texas is a common property state, so I guess is that after the 4 year statue of limitations expired and they couldn't collect from her, they are now trying to throw the bill in my direction, expecting me to pay.

I've already been through hell and back with medical collection agencies here in Missouri for the 2013 to 2015 period bills, which I finally got resolved. She did have Medicare, but due to my work insurance, there was a dispute as to the primary insurer, so NOBODY paid and I was left with over $100,000 worth of medical bills. So I am sick to death with dealing with my dead wifes financial fallout. Just when I got Missouri sorted out, now I get this crap from Texas.

So is my hypothesis on what may be happening plausible?

If so, what would be my best course of action?

These bills are in my late wife's name only and are most likely over the 4 year statue of limitations. So I'm afraid to pay anything, reset the clock and have the debts become legally binding which would result in gawd knows how many other creditors crashing down my door with their hands out for payment on a dead woman's debts.

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Dispute the entry with the CRAs.

In any case, the company is not trying to reage the debt in order to sue.   The "date opened" is when the company received the debt and it was opened in their files.

On record until: Feb 2017

That's when entries regarding that debt will fall off the credit report.

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31 minutes ago, BV80 said:

Dispute the entry with the CRAs.

Thanks, since posting I did finally reach my full credit report page, within the Experian site and filed a dispute over this report.

As I have no correspondence about this debt, nor do I have any documentation to substantiate it, I guess it's best to put this back into Experian's court and see what they discover.

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