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Date of last payment vs. account closed date?


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I'm nearing the SOLs on several accounts and wanted some clarification. My credit report shows a variance between the date of last payment and the date the account was closed. The date the account was closed is always a few months before the date of last payment (e.g. account closed in January, last payment made in June according to credit report). Can anyone please clarify which date is the one I should be using to calculate the SOLs? My apologies if this has been answered before - I tried searching but didn't see anything.

TIA and a big thanks to all of you in this forum. Using the advice I've found in here, my credit scores are now over 600, where before they were in the 500s. It's low 600s, but I'll take it!


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On 3/21/2016 at 3:30 PM, willingtocope said:

In NV, SOL on credit cards appears to be 4 yrs from last payment.  The FEDERAL reporting period runs 7-1/2 yrs from "date of first delinquency".

Thanks, willingtocope. I knew it was 4 years but I wasn't sure if it was 4 years since account closure or 4 years since date of last payment. I'm not sure why they're showing the accounts were closed before my last payments were made - I don't recall ever paying on any of these accounts after they were closed. But, it just lengthens the SOLs some. I'll get there!

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