ID theft - only issue is a bunch of inquiries

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My ex-husband and his current gf have been using my information and applying for credit/even set up a bank account at WellsFargo but never did anything with it.  I have filed a police report (pretty sure they pulled my info, as she has done skip-tracing and they used an old job that he didn't know I worked at and didn't have my DL number), and spent a couple of hours calling all the inquirers to dispute the requests - have gotten one off so far.  Question - since there was no actual economic harm, is it worth it to spend time trying to get the inquiries removed?  I am trying to increase my scores, not sure what "real" effect these 8-9 extra inquiries are having on my score.

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It's a mix of hard and soft.  These show up on my CR's as "Regular Inquiries" and were on at least 2 dates... as I'm examining further, there may be one more cluster of dates involved because these don't look like lines I've ever applied for - one is QVC and I would have no need for that line.  I'm going to request verification on the ones on those dates, too.  If they're worth the time.  I have about 20 inquiries, 8-9 on each report are not mine and several that are mine from mid 2014 are about to fall off.  Not sure how much bearing these have overall, in the grand scheme of things!


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